Online Self-Taught Driver Education Course Overview


NATIONAL DRIVER TRAINING is a program that consists of 7 sections. In each of these sections, there will be a driving section and a classroom section. The student must pass with a score of 70% or higher. The program has been developed in such a way to help the student retain the information obtained from the program. No overloading of material is necessary for the brain to learn. Just relax and pay attention to all of the details involved with driving. Then after having completed all of the tasks and goals in the program, the student may then be able to receive his/her driver's license.


When am I eligible to take the permit test? You are eligible to take the permit exam after having completed 6 hours of the NATIONAL DRIVER TRAINING program.


When am I eligible to take my driving test? You are eligible to take your driving test after the whole NATIONAL DRIVER TRAINING program has been completed. At the end of the program, a driver's certificate link will pop-up, and at the moment you can click the link and download the associated document. Then print that document and take it to the Department of Public Safety to receive your driver's license.


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