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About Our Course:
National Driver Training’s Parent Taught Program allows students to complete the classroom portion completely online from any computer or mobile device, including the driver’s permit test. The text includes audio read along, as well as an expansive video library. Upon passing the permit test and completing a minimum of six hours of classroom, the student is then approved to begin the in-car instruction, which can be entirely completed by the parent(s) or guardians.

The program fulfills the 32 hours of classroom instruction and provides a step-by-step process to guide the parents through the required 44 hours of in-car instruction.


What is the difference between Parent-Taught and Online.
We are glad you asked because this is perhaps the most confusing part of the whole process. The classroom portion of our course for Both the Parent-Taught Program and the Online Program are completed online (although we still do offer offline solutions). If you elect to do the Online course, the State of Texas requires an initial 14 hours of in-car instruction. These 14 hours must be completed by a licensed driving instructor. Many families feel more comfortable having an instructor teach the basics of driving with their new driver. The online program is a great option if this is your plan. However, if you intend to do all of the in-car instruction with your student, then the parent-taught course is best for you!


What the Program Includes:

  1. Complete 32-hours of classroom curriculum built on a successive seven-step system.
  2. Educational support line 8 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday
  3. All state required videos plus a large collection of additional videos that cover additional topics including adverse driving conditions, night-time driving and inclement weather driving.
  4. All state required testing for obtaining a learner’s permit
  5. Parent step-by-step guide to complete the required 44 hours of driving with the student matching the successive seven-step system of the classroom curriculum.
  6. All driver education forms required by the state of Texas, DPS to apply for the student’s driver license. State Driver License test is not included and must be completed at the Texas DPS.



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